SCHEME : play, fool, delude

According to Kant, the Schema is the correspondence between sensory perceptions and categories of understanding.
My «Schèmes» are born from the observation of a world where everything is based on false pretenses.
By manipulating my glasses over collages, by observing the different perceptions, I realized that the desire to explore the possibilities of playing on the image sizes and even more on objects imposed itself.
Everything would come down to the viewer’s visual experience.
When the «Schèmes» appear as artistic creations, they also illustrate with fantasy and humor the spirit of our time, a misleading appearance devoid of any reality. 
Is not our offered world an illusion to live ???

The schemes dimensions are dictated by the size of the glasses.

Each «Schème» (26.5 cm x18.5 cm and 8 cm deep) showcases a series of 12 objects, strictly identical in shape and size, but all perceived differently.